Fraxinus Americana.

White Ash. N. O. Oleaceae. Tincture of the bark.

Clinical.-Uterus, affections of; prolapse of. Uterus, tumours of.

Characteristics.-Fraxinus has had a fragmentary proving, but the chief clinical authority for its use is Dr. Burnett, who regards it as a uterine tonic in all heavy states of the uterus with prolapse, bearing-down, and relaxed ligaments. He calls it "the medicinal pessary." I have repeatedly verified his indications. It is an organ-remedy of the first rank. It is also indicated in uterine tumours, especially fibroids, with bearing-down sensations.

Relations.-Compare: Sepia, Lil. t., Nat. hyperchlor., Secale, Hydrast.


2. Head.-Headache with vertigo followed by fever.-Throbbing pain in back of head and neck.

6. Face.-Fever sores on lips.

13. Stool.-Bowels constipated.

14. Urinary Organs.-Urine scanty and brown.

16. Female Sexual Organs.-Uterine prolapse.-(Bearing-down pains.-Painfulness and heaviness of uterus.-Fibroid tumours.)

21. Limbs.-Cramp in feet after midnight, lasting three nights after the fever.

26. Sleep.-Wakefulness first part of night; last part dreamed that two rough men came into the house; in putting them out I was cut with a knife; I called for police, and that awoke me; I was breathing quick, with a fearful feeling.

27. Fever.-Cold creeping and hot flushes.-Fever two days after the medicine was stopped.