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Alkaloid of Colchicum autumnale. C7 H23 NO6. Trituration.

Clinical.-Diarrhoea. Fever. Intestinal catarrh. Prostration. Sleeplessness. Spasms.

Characteristics.-This alkaloid has been proved and the symptoms are sufficiently distinctive, though I am not aware of any clinical experience with it. The symptoms point strongly to its use in that form of intestinal catarrh characterised by the appearance of shreddy membranes; and the symptom, "convulsive jerkings of right hand," should prove a valuable indication, if not a keynote.

Relations.-Compare: Ars., Caust., Colch.


3. Eyes.-Pupils widely dilated.

6. Face.-Tearing pains in face.

9. Throat.-Increased secretion of saliva.

11. Stomach.-On rising from bed, at night, nausea suddenly increased, and was followed by vomiting of undigested food, and afterwards of a bitter greenish fluid; the vomiting was repeated early in the morning.-Vomiting of blood for nine or ten days.-Pains and excessive sensitiveness in epigastrium.

12. Abdomen.-Distension and sensitiveness.-Frequent rumbling.

13. Stool and Anus.-Urging, causing him to leave his bed, followed by copious pasty evacuation, with excessive tenesmus; this was repeated three times within a short period.-Stools accompanied with tenesmus and consisting of a thin fluid with numerous flakes looking like the cooked white of egg in pieces from two to four inches long.-Stools thin, yellowish green, slimy, accompanied by pain.-Liquid stools.

14. Urinary Organs.-Urine turbid, depositing a copious white sediment.

19. Heart.-Pulse during the first two hours sank about eleven beats.

22. Upper Limbs.-Convulsive jerkings of r. hand.

24. Generalities.-Very great exhaustion on second day, increasing to feverish excitement lasting two days.

26. Sleep.-Slight somnolency and collapse.-Awakened from sleep soon after midnight by uneasy dreams.

27. Fever.-Chill about noon on first day, followed by violent heat lasting several hours, with increased thirst, very rapid pulse, confusion of the head, uneasiness and sleeplessness.