Lonicera Xylosteum.

Lonicera xylosteum. Fly Woodbine. N. O. Caprifoliaceae. Trituration or tincture of berries.

Clinical.-Coma vigil. Convulsions.

Characteristics.-Lon. xylost. is known from the effect of poisoning by its berries. Vomiting and purging; trembling and jerking of the limbs, convulsions and coma were the chief symptoms. Peculiar symptoms were: Contraction of one pupil and dilatation of the other. Abdomen retracted especially in umbilical region. Slow pulse.

Relations.-Compare: Dig. (slow pulse). Cad. s. and Rhod. (one pupil contracted, the other dilated). For botan. relations see Lon. peri.


1. Mind.-Stupefaction.-Coma.

2. Head.-Great congestion of head and chest.

3. Eyes.-Conjunctiva red.-Pupils dilated.-Contraction of one pupil, dilatation of the other.-Everything foggy and indistinct to vision for half an hour.-Photophobia.

6. Face.-Face red.-Pallor.-Lips dry.

8. Mouth.-Tongue moist; coated with mucus.

11. Stomach.-Excessive thirst.-Profuse vomiting; and purging.

12. Abdomen.-Abdomen retracted, esp. in umbilical region; soft.-Violent colic.

13. Stool.-Bloody stools.

17. Respiratory Organs.-Respiration rapid and deep.

19. Heart.-Violent impulse of heart.-Pulse: slow; small, soft, irregular.

24. Generalities.-Frequent jerking of limbs.-Trembling and jerking of whole body.-Violent convulsions.-Seemed neither to hear nor see; unable to make answer.-When raised from bed, limbs and head fall over as if paralysed.

26. Sleep.-Sleepy.-Constant deep sleep with half-open eyes; red face.

27. Fever.-Extremities cold.-Fever.-Profuse cold sweat.