Sulphurous Acid; H2 S O3

Sulphurous acid, (tonsillitis (as a spray), acne rosacea, ulcerative stomatitis, pityriasis versicolor).

Head.--Anxious, furious, disposed to fight. Headache better by vomiting. Ringing in ears.

Mouth.--Ulcerative inflammation of mouth. Tongue red or bluish-red. Coated.

Stomach.--Loss of appetite. Obstinate constipation.

Respiratory.--Persistent choking cough with copious expectoration. Hoarseness, constriction of chest. Difficult breathing.

Female.--Fluor albus. Debility.

Dose.--As a spray in tonsillitis. According to Ringer, ten to fifteen minims taken ten minutes before each meal will remedy pyrosis and prevent fermentation and flatulence. It also removes thrush. Homeopathically, third attenuation.