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Represents the ultimate end of proteid decomposition and is a constituent of human feces.

Acne with auto-intoxication dependent upon intestinal decomposition.

Stomach and abdominal symptoms and frontal headache. Sluggishness with no ambition. Desire to curse and swear.

Mind.--Lack of concentration; impossible to study; despondent; desire to be with people. Irritable. Felt mean towards everyone.

Head.--Frontal headache, worse over left eye, in the evening, better by short sleep.

Gastric.--Tongue coated, foul taste. Salty taste to all cereals. Belching. Appetite increased. Light, yellow, narrow, very offensive stool. Intestinal dyspepsia.

Urinary.--Frequent, scanty, burning, difficult.

Sleep.--Increased desire to sleep; wakes unrefreshed, half doped feeling.

Relationship.--Compare: Indol; Baptis; Sulph.

Dose.--Sixth potency.