Wafer-ash (PTELEA)

Is a remarkable remedy in stomach and liver affections. The aching and heaviness in the region of the liver is greatly aggravated by lying on the left side. Atonic states of stomach. Asthma.

Head.--Feels dull and stupid. Pain from forehead to root of nose; pressing-outward pain. Frontal headache; worse, noise, motion, night, rubbing eyes, with acidity. Temples as if pressed together.

Mouth.--Excess of saliva, with dry bitter taste. Tongue coated white or yellow; feels rough, swollen. Papillae red and prominent (Arg n). Coating may be brownish-yellow.

Stomach.--Weight and fullness. Griping in epigastric region, with dryness of mouth. Eructations, nausea, vomiting. Constant sensation of corrosion, heat and burning in stomach. Stomach feels empty after eating. Stomach and liver symptoms associated with pain in limbs.

Abdomen.--Much weight and pain in right side; heavy, aching feeling, relieved by lying on right side. Liver sore, swollen, sensitive to pressure. Retraction of abdomen.

Respiratory.--Feeling of pressure on lungs and of suffocation, when lying on back. Asthma; dyspnoea; cramp-like pain in cardiac region.

Sleep.--Restless, with frightful dreams; nightmare, awakes languid and unrefreshed.

Modalities.--Worse, lying on left side; early morning. Better, eating sour things.

Relationship.--Compare: Mercur; Magn mur; Nux; Chelid.

Dose.--First to thirtieth potency.