Cerebral congestion, with neuralgia; migraine; rheumatic and gouty pains.

Head.--Sensation of a band around head; cannot keen hat on (Carbol ac). Skin of forehead tense. Fear of falling when standing up. Violent vertigo, as if everything turned around. Buzzing in ears; better in open air.

Respiratory.--Cough, with burning and pricking in respiratory tracts. Weak voice.

Urinary.--Urine smells strongly of violets (Terebinth).

Extremities.--Right axillary muscles painful. Weight and lassitude in limbs, especially the shoulders. Burning in hollow of right hand. Drawing pain in thumb and big toe.

Relationship.--Compare: Cyclamen; Ranunc; Å’nothera--Evening Primrose--(exhausting, watery diarrhoea; cholera infantum; hydrocephaloid); Primula farinosa-the wild Primrose--(dermatitis, especially on index fingers and thumbs).

Dose.--Third potency.