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Affects especially the rheumatic diathesis, going through all the changes, from functional pain to altered secretions and deposits of solid, earthy matter in the tissues. The Ledum rheumatism begins in feet, and travels upward. It affects also the skin, producing an eruption like Poison-oak, and is antidotal thereto, as well as to stings of insects. There is a general lack of animal heat, and yet heat of bed is intolerable. For punctured wounds, produced by sharp-pointed instruments or bites particularly if the wounded parts are cold, this is the remedy. Tetanus with twitching of muscles near wound.

Head.--Vertigo when walking, with tendency to fall to one side. Distress when head is covered. Nosebleed (Mellilot; Bry).

Eyes.--Aching in eyes. Extravasation of blood in lids, conjunctiva, aqueous or vitreous. Contused wounds. Cataract with gout.

Face.--Red pimples on forehead and cheeks; stinging when touched. Crusty eruption around nose and mouth.

Mouth.--Dry, retching with eructation. Musty taste with catarrhal affection.

Respiratory.--Burning in nose. Cough, with bloody expectoration. Dyspnoea; chest feels constricted. Suffocative arrest of breathing. Pain along trachea. Bronchitis with emphysema of aged. Oppressive constriction of chest. Tickling in larynx; spasmodic cough. Haemoptysis, alternating with rheumatism. Chest hurts when touched. Whooping-cough; spasmodic, double inspiration with sobbing.

Rectum.--Anal fissures. Haemorrhoidal pain.

Extremities.--Gouty pains shoot all through the foot and limb, and in joints, but especially small joints. Swollen, hot, pale. Throbbing in right shoulder. Pressure in shoulder, worse motion. Cracking in joints; worse, warmth of bed. Gouty nodosities. Ball of great to swollen (Bothrops). Rheumatism begins in lower limbs and ascends (Kalmia opposite). Ankles swollen. Soles painful, can hardly step on them (Ant c; Lyc). Easy spraining of ankle.

Fever.--Coldness, want of animal heat. Sensation as of cold water over parts; general coldness with heat of face.

Skin.--Acne on forehead, sticking pain therein. Eczema (facial). Itching of feet and ankles; worse, scratching and warmth of bed. Ecchymosis. Long discoloration after injuries. Carbuncles (Anthracin. Tarant cuben). Antidote to Rhus poisoning (Grindel; Cyprip; Anac).

Modalities.--Better, from cold, putting feet in cold water. Worse, at night, and from heat of bed.

Relationship.--Compare: Ledum antidotes spider poisons. Ruta; Ham; Bellis; Arnica.

Dose.--Third to thirtieth potency.