tarentula cubensis

Materia Medica

A toxaemic medicine, septic conditions. Diphtheria. Adapted to the most severe types of inflammation and pain, early and persistent prostration. Various forms of malignant suppuration. Purplish hue and burning, stinging pains. Bubo. It is the remedy for pain of death; soothes the last struggles. Pruritus, especially about genitals. Restless feet. Intermittent septic chills. Bubonic plague. As a curative and preventive remedy especially during the period of invasion.

Head: Dizziness after heat and hot perspiration. Dull ache on top of head. Shooting pain through left eye across frontal region.

Gastric: Stomach feels hard, sore. Loss of appetite, except for breakfast.

Back: Itches across kidney region.

Extremities: Hands tremble, turgid with blood.

Urinary: Retention. Cannot hold urine on coughing.

Skin: Red spots and pimples. Feels puffed all over. Carbuncles, burning, stinging pains. Purplish hue. Gangrene. Abscesses, where pain and inflammation predominate. Scirrhus of breasts. "Senile" ulcers.

Sleep: Drowsiness. Sleep restless. Sleep prevented by harsh cough.


Ars; Pyrog; Crotal; Echin; Anthrac; Bellad; Apis


Better, smoking. Worse, night