piper methysticum

Materia Medica

The intoxication produced by Kava is of a silent and drowsy character with incoherent dreams, loss of muscular power.

Urinary and skin symptoms have been verified. Marked modality. Arthritis deformans. Colic with flatulence.

Mind: Very sensitive. Exaltation of mind. Amelioration of pains for a time by diverting attention. Restless desire to change position.

Urine: Increased. Burning during micturition, gonorrhoea, and gleet. Cystitis. Chordee.

Skin: Scaly. Fall of scales leaves white spots, which often ulcerate. Leprosy. Ichthyosis.

Extremities: Pain in right arm. Hands feel paralyzed. Pain in thumb-joint.


Chaulmoogra-Taraktogenos--(The oil and its derivatives are to a certain extent effective in the treatment of leprosy, especially in early cases).


Bixa orellana, a South American plant related to Chaulmoogra, recommended for leprosy, eczema and elephantiasis


Better, by turning mind to another topic; changing position