nitri spiritus dulcis

Materia Medica

Sensorial apathy in low fevers when there is stupor, difficulty of arousing patient, is met by this remedy. Dry skin, nausea, flatulence. Salty taste. Ill-effects of salt (halophagia) (Ars; Phos). Catching cold in stormy weather. Acute nephritis following Scarlet fever. Dropsy. Is an excellent diuretic.

Face: Prosopalgia, with photophobia. Burning in cheeks, and vomiting, followed by lassitude. Boring in facial bones; in angles of lower jaw. Very sensitive to cold.

Respiratory: Very rapid breathing by going only a short walk. Painful constriction beneath sternum.

Modalities: Worse, from mental disturbance, during winter and spring.


Phos ac; Lycop


Increases the action of Digitalis