muriaticum acidum

Materia Medica

This acid has an elective affinity for the blood, producing a septic condition similar to that found in low fevers with high temperature and great prostration. Patient becomes so weak she slides down the bed. Decomposition of fluids. Involuntary stools while passing urine. Haemorrhages. Mouth and anus chiefly effected.

Mind: Irritable and peevish; fretful Loud moaning. Great restlessness. Sad, taciturn; suffers in silence.

Head: Vertigo; worse lying on right side; occiput heavy as if filled with lead. Sound of voice is intolerable. Pain as if brain were crushed.

Nose: Haemorrhage; much sneezing.

Face: Lower jaw fallen; pimples and freckles; lips raw, dry, cracked.

Mouth: Tongue, pale, swollen, dry, leathery, paralyzed. Deep ulcers on tongue. Hard lumps in tongue. Epithelioma; edges bluish-red (Carbol ac). Aphthous mouth. Gums and glands swollen. Fetid Breath. Sordes on teeth.

Throat: Uvula swollen. Ulcers and false membrane. Å’dematous, dark, raw. Attempted swallowing produces spasm and choking.

Stomach: Cannot bear sight or thought of meat. At times, ravenous appetite and constant desire to drink. Achlorhydria and fermentation of food.

Rectum: Tendency to involuntary evacuations while urinating. Haemorrhoids most sensitive to all touch; even sheet of toilet paper is painful. Anal itching and prolapsus ani while urinating. Haemorrhoids during pregnancy; bluish, hot with violent stitches.

Heart: Pulse rapid, feeble, and small. Intermits every third beat.

Urine: Cannot urinate without having bowels move at same time.

Female: Menses appear too soon. Leucorrhoea. During menses, soreness of anus. Ulcer in genitals.

Extremities: Heavy, painful, and weak. Tottering gait. Pain in tendo-Achilles.

Skin: Papular and vesicular eruptions, with great itching (Rhus). Carbuncles; foul-smelling ulcers on lower extremities. Scarlet fever, livid, with petechiae; scanty eruption. Eczema on back of hands.

Fever: Cold extremities. Heat without thirst. Typhoid types, stupid. Haemorrhages. Restlessness. Involuntary discharges. Bed-sores. Pulse rapid and feeble. Excessive prostration.

Modalities: Worse, in damp weather, before midnight. Better, lying on left side.




Phos ac; Ars; Bapt.


Follows well after Bry and Rhus