menyanthes trifoliata

Materia Medica

A remedy for certain headaches, intermittent fever. Coldness of abdomen. Twitchings. Sensation of tension and compression. Fidgets and urinary difficulties in women. Diabetes.

Head: Pressing in vertex; better, hard pressure with hand. Pressing-together pain. Weight pressing on brain with every step on ascending. Pain from nape over whole brain; better, stooping, sitting; worse, going upstairs. Cracking in jaw and twitching of facial muscles.

Stomach: No thirst at any time. Revenous hunger; passing away after eating a little. Desire for meat. Sensation of coldness extending up to oesophagus.

Abdomen: Distended and full; increased by smoking tobacco. Coldness of abdomen.

Extremities: Icy coldness of hands and feet. Cramp-like pain. As soon as patient lies down, legs jerk and twitch.

Fever: Coldness predominates; felt most acutely in abdomen and legs and tip of nose.

Modalities: Worse, during rest, ascending better, pressure on affected part, stooping, motion.




Caps; Puls; Calc; Phos ac; Sang