hippuricum acidum

Materia Medica

Its chief action is on the external tissues of the eyes and naso-pharynx joint surfaces, liver and mucous membranes. Right side especially affected, general muscular soreness.

Head: Pain over right eye, dull, constant, worse in warm room. Eyelids inflamed and swollen.

Throat: Sore, raw, dry, swallowing difficult, foul odor, gummy exudate; thickness and infiltration of all tissues around throat.

Stomach: Acid rising. Lump in pit of stomach. Soreness and pressure over liver.

Female: Menstrual flow for three weeks with complete relief of muscular and joint pains.

Extremities: Backache extending down hips. Pain in shoulders and extremities and sore swollen joints. Pain in middle of thigh posteriorly shooting down right leg. Tired, grating sensation in the joints.

Skin: Itching, burning. Papules looking like goose flesh on chest.


Benzoic acid seems to be an analogue