gentiana lutea

Materia Medica

Stomach symptoms marked. Acts as a tonic, increasing appetite.

Head: Vertigo, worse, rising or motion; better open air. Frontal headache, better eating and open air. Brain feels loose, head tender. Aching in eyes.

Throat: Dry. Thick saliva.

Stomach: Acid risings, ravenous hunger, nausea, weight and aching in stomach. Inflation and tension of stomach and abdomen (Pothos). Colic, umbilical region sensitive to touch. Flatulence.


Gentiana quinque flora (intermittent fever; dyspepsia, cholera infantum, weakness


Gentiana cruciata (throat symptoms in addition to similar stomach symptoms; dysphagia; vertigo with headache; pressing inward sensation in eyes; constricted throat and head and abdomen. Distention, fullness and tightness in abdomen. Creeping over body as from fleas).


Hydrast; Nux