elaterium officinarum

Materia Medica

This is an invaluable remedy in violent vomiting and purging, especially if the evacuations are copious and watery. It is a very efficient remedy in certain forms of dropsy. Much yawning and stretching. Beriberi; choleraic conditions; urticaria and mental disorders coming on as a consequence of suppressed malaria. Irresistible desire to wander from home at night. Effects of damp weather.

Stomach: Nausea and vomiting, with great weakness. Griping pains in bowels.

Stool: Watery, copious, forceful. Squirting diarrhoea; frothy, olive green, with cutting in abdomen.

Extremities: Sharp pains in fingers and thumbs, knees, toes, and instep. Gouty pain in great toes. Pain extends down extremities; pain in hip-joints with diarrhoea. Arthritic nodules.

Skin: Smarts, stings, and burns. Dropsical. Urticaria from suppressed intermittent. Skin, orange color.

Fever: Chill comes on with much yawning and stretching, lasting all through chill. Pain in extremities, darting into fingers and toes. Chills and fever, with spurting diarrhoea.

Modalities: Worse, from exposure on damp ground.


Bry; Croton; Gambogia