duboisia myoporoides

Materia Medica

Acts chiefly on the nervous system, eyes, upper respiratory tract. Recommended in pharyngitis sicca, with black, stringy mucus. It dilates the pupil, dries the mouth, checks perspiration, causes headache and drowsiness. On the eye it acts more promptly than Atropia, much stronger as a mydriatic. Red spots floats in the field of vision. Sensation as if stepping on empty space. Vertigo with pale face; not gastric in origin. Scarlet fever; locomotor ataxia. Palliative in exophthalmic goitre.

Mind: Absent-minded, incoherent, silly and nonsensical, memory impaired.

Head: Impossible to stand with eyes shut, tendency to fall backwards.

Eyes: Conjunctivitis, acute and chronic. Mydriasis. Paralysis of accommodation. Hyperaemia of retina with weakness of accommodation, fundus red, blood-vessels full and tortuous; pupils dilated, with dim vision. Pain over eye, between it and brow.

Respiratory: Larynx dry, voice hoarse, phonation difficult. Dry cough with oppressed breathing.

Extremities: Loss of power in limbs, staggers; feels as if he stepped on empty space. Trembling, numbness and weakness.


Morphia; Pilocarp. Compare: Bellad; Stram; Hyos