cytisus laburnum

Materia Medica

All parts of this shrub are poisonous, producing inflammation of stomach and intestines, with vomiting, diarrhoea, headache, paleness of face and cold skin. Widespread anaesthesia, and convulsions are some of the chief effects of this drug. Cerebrospinal meningitis. Great prostration, sense of constriction in throat, stiffness of nape, tearing from nape into occiput, lusterless eyes.

Head: Stupefaction; indifference (Phos ac). Unequally dilated pupils; giddiness; twitching of facial muscles (Agaric). Hydrocephalus. Constant vertigo, intense sleepiness.

Stomach: Excessive thirst. Constant nausea, vomiting; burning pain in epigastrium.

Tenesmus and erections. Grass-green urine.

Extremities: Numbness and pain in hands. Difficulty in moving them.


Nux; Gels.


Cystine (produces motor paralysis resembling that of curare and death through respiratory paralysis