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Materia Medica

General anaesthetic, antispasmodic. Complete muscular relaxation. Weak and quick pulse, shallow or stertorous breathing. Convulsions, nephritic or biliary colic, gastralgia.

Symptoms obtained by Dr. D. Macfarlan with the 6th potency.

Great weakness, especially on right side. Limbs very tired from knees down. Much perspiration all over face and chest; drowsy and dizzy; dry lips and throat; dry tickling cough at night. Flatulence; food regurgitates; sore and bruised feeling in stomach; catching pain around heart. Sharp pain in right chest when he takes long breath; shortness of breath on exertion.

Head: Delirium where excitement and violence predominate. Head drawn down upon the shoulders, eyes opened and closed rapidly, pupils contracted; rapid convulsive movements of face, of muscles, of extremities.


Ether Post-operative Bronchitis (Prof. Bier).


Spiritus Aetheris Compositus.--(Hoffman's Anodyne)--(Flatulence; angina pectoris. Dose 5m to 1 dram in water