calcarea arsenicosa

Materia Medica

Epilepsy with rush of blood to the head before attack; aura felt in region of heart; flying sensation. Complaints in fat women around climacteric. Chronic malaria. Infantile enlarged liver and spleen. Nephritis, with great sensitiveness in kidney region. Complaints of drunkards after abstaining (Carbon sulph). Fleshy women at climacteric, slightest emotion causing palpitation. Dyspnoea, with feeble heart. Chilliness. Albuminuria. Dropsy. Affections of spleen and mesenteric glands. Hemoglobin and red corpuscles are low.

Mind: Anger, anxiety. Desire for company. Confusion, delusions, illusions. Great depression.

Head: Violent rush of blood to head with vertigo. Pain in head better by lying on painful side. Weekly headache. Benumbling headache mostly around ears.

Stomach: Region of stomach distended. Enlarged liver and spleen in children. Pancreatic disease; relieves burning pain in cancer of pancreas. Belching with saliva and beating of heart.

Urinary: Kidney region sensitive to pressure. Albuminuria, passes urine every hour.

Heart: Constriction and pain in region of heart, suffocating feeling, palpitation, oppression and throbbing and pain in back extending to arms.

Female: Offensive, bloody leucorrhoea. Cancer of uterus; burning pain in uterus and vagina.

Back: Pain and stiffness near nape of neck. Violent backache, throbbing, drives out of bed.

Extremities: Removes inflammatory products in veins of lower extremities. Weariness and lameness of lower limbs.

Modalities: Worse from slight exertion.