bufo rana

Materia Medica

Acts on the nervous system and skin. Uterine symptoms marked. Lymphangitis of septic origin. Symptoms of paralysis agitans. Striking rheumatic symptoms.

Arouses the lowest passions. Causes a desire for intoxicating drink, and produces impotence.

Of use in feeble-minded children. Prematurely senile. Epileptic symptoms. Convulsive seizures occur during sleep at night. More or less connected with derangements of the sexual sphere, seem to come within the range of this remedy. Injuries to fingers; pain runs in streaks up the arms.

Mind: Anxious about health. Sad, restless. Propensity to bite. Howling; impatient; nervous; imbecile. Desire for solitude. Feeble-minded.

Head: Sensation as if hot vapor rose to top of head. Numbness of brain. Face bathed in sweat. Epistaxis with flushed face and pain in forehead, better, nosebleed.

Eyes: Cannot bear sight or brilliant objects. Little blisters form on eye.

Ears: Music is unbearable (Ambra). Every little noise distresses.

Heart: Feels too large. Palpitation. Constriction about heart. Sensation of heart swimming in water.

Female: Menses too early and copious, clots and bloody discharge at other times; watery leucorrhoea. Excitement, with epileptic attacks. Epilepsy at time of menses. Induration in mammary glands. Palliative in cancer of the mammae. Burning in ovaries and uterus. Ulceration of cervix. Offensive bloody discharge. Pains run into legs. Bloody milk. Milk-leg. Veins swollen. Tumors and polypi of womb.

Male: Involuntary emissions; impotence, discharge too quick, spasms during coition. Buboes. Disposition to handle organs (Hyos; Zinc). Effects of onanism.

Extremities: Pains in loins, numbness of limbs, cramps, staggering gait, feeling as if a peg were driven in joints; swelling of bones.

Skin: Panaritium; pain runs up arm. Patches of skin lose sensation. Pustules, suppuration from every slight injury. Pemphigus. Bullae which open and leave a raw surface, exuding and ichorous fluid. Blisters on palms and soles. Itching and burning. Carbuncle.


Laches; Seneg


Baryt carb; Asterias; Salamand (Epilepsy and softening of brain




Worse, in warm room, on awakening. Better, from bathing or cold air; from putting feet in hot water