Verbena Hastata.

Verbena hastata. Ironweed. N. O. Verbenacae. Tincture of entire fresh plant.

Clinical.-Ague; chronic. Epilepsy. Rhus poisoning.

Characteristics.-According to Hale Verbena h. grows profusely on the prairies and low bottom lands all over U.S. It is a popular domestic remedy for ague, especially when chronic. The root is intensely and disagreeably bitter. Dr. Griffin, of New York, suggests its use as a remedy for Rhus poisoning. Richey Horner (Med. Cent., vi. 324) mentions a case of epilepsy developing during whooping-cough, treated with 12-drop doses ("presumably of the tincture") every four hours. Improvement set in from the first and proved permanent; though during the first two weeks there were attacks of petit mal. The patient took the remedy at increasing intervals during six weeks.