Veratrum Nigrum.

Veratrum nigrum. Dark-flowered Veratrum. N. O. Melanthaceae. Tincture of fresh leaves and succulent flower-stalks.

Clinical.-Headache. Menstruation, protracted. Tinnitus aurium.

Characteristics.-Cooper has given me a few observations with Ver. nig., which I have arranged in Schema form. The plant, he says, has much the same botanical characters as Ver. alb., but the flowers are dark-coloured. It is native to Austria and Siberia.


2. Head.-Constant headache when attempting to move or exert the brain (cured).-Fierce headache threatening acute mania (cured).

4. Ears.-Constant buzzing of l. ear for two weeks with tenderness of meatus and intense sensitiveness of the head to the motion of an omnibus with beclouding of the brain; can hardly tell which instrument to take up (in his work as a dentist), and pain in nape of neck (agg.).

16. Female Sexual Organs.-Period continually returning; sometimes light-coloured and slight in quantity, and sometimes profuse; with weak feeling in back.