Ulmus Fulva.

Ulmus fulva. American Slippery Elm. Red Elm. Moose Elm. (Mountains of Canada and Pennsylvania.) N. O. Ulmaceae of the Urticaceae. Pounded dried inner bark. Decoction of dried bark. Tincture of fresh bark.

Clinical.-Constipation. Deafness. Haemorrhoids. Herpes. Pain. Syphilis.

Characteristics.-A decoction of the viscous inner bark of Ul. ful. is much used as a poultice for lessening pain in inflammations. In a case in which the mucous membrane of the rectum was dry and extremely painful, Burnett relieved the sufferings with 20-drop doses of the tincture. The bark in trituration gives much relief as a snuff in old vascular deafness with tubal obstruction (Cooper).