Tussilago Fragrans.

Petasites fragrans. Italian or fragrant Tussilage. N. O. Compositae. Tincture of whole plant.

Clinical.-Corpulence. plethora.

Characteristics.-Demesnes proved Tus. fg. taking three drops of the Ø tincture on the tongue. After first causing a disagreeable, spiteful mood, it set up, in a few days, an opposite condition, which lasted some time. A journey taken on the ninth day of the proving, which usually caused loss of weight, did not do so. Stoutness increased, and plethora was added; later the abdominal protuberance permanently disappeared. A Peculiar Sensation induced was as if a morsel of food lay at the bottom of the cardia and would not pass.


1. Mind.-Complaining mood, fault-finding; spiteful (after a few hours).-Serenity; benevolence; calmness; increased power of mind and expression (fifth to tenth day).

2. Head.-Transient headache as after spirituous liquors.

3. Eyes.-Dryness of eyes when looking in open air, compelling to wink.

9. Throat.-Acidity in oesophagus like heartburn, > after dinner.

11. Stomach.-Sensation at bottom of cardia as of a morsel that will not pass down.

23. Lower Limbs.-Weakness in legs.-Pain from side to side in tarsus (l.), below that and metatarsus, when walking; (does not last long but frequently returns).-Pain in metatarsal joint as if caused by a blow.

24. Generalities.-Corpulency at first increased, later reduced.-Plethora.

26. Sleep.-Sleepless, and is none the worse for it.

27. Fever.-Sweat and heat from slight exertion.