Triticum Repens.

Triticum repens. Couch-grass. Cooch-grass. Cutch-grass. Quitch-grass. Twitch. N. O. Gramineae. Tincture of fresh plant.

Clinical.-Bladder, irritation of, Dysuria. Urine, incontinence of.

Characteristics.-Burnett (Organ. Diseases of Women, 115) tellshow he learned of a herbalist the use of Trit. r., the herbalist having cured with it a patient of Burnett's, a man suffering from dysuria. Burnett has found it no less valuable for women than for men. "Frequently in dysuria from an inflamed state of the urethra, I found Trit. r. Ø, ten drops in a little water, frequently repeated, of prompt effect, often giving complete relief in a few hours, and if the ailment is primarily in the urethra the relief is an abiding cure; if from a tugging of the heavy womb, it is only relief." He gives this case: A widow, suffering from complete procidentia, uteri and very bad haemorrhoidal bleeding, wrote that she was driven almost mad with painful micturition; the burning and straining were truly awful. Trit. r. Ø, as above, was ordered, and brought a most grateful letter from the patient. She keeps a supply always at hand.