Propylaminum. N(CH3)3. [Found in many plants, Chen. v., Crataeg. ox., Phal. imp., Pyr. com., Arn., Cotyl. u., Fag. syl., &c., and in herring-brine.] Solution.

Clinical.-Ankles, pains in. Rheumatic fever. Wrists, pains in.

Characteristics.-Trimethyl., which is prepared from herring-brine among other sources, has a very unpleasant and penetrating fish-like odour. At one time it was regarded as a panacea in cases of acute rheumatism. Experiments on patients and others show that it diminishes the amount of urea excreted. Hansen gives these as characteristics: great pains in wrist-joints, also great restlessness, pains in ankle-joints from standing < slight movement. C. Carleton Smith (H. P., vi. 432) gives these: "Rheumatism, when the needle held in the fingers gets so heavy she cannot sew." "Copious diarrhoea with pains in ankle-joints but not in wrists; thirst for large quantities of cold water (like Bry.)."