Dipterix odorata. Tongo, Tonka or Tonquin Bean. N. O. Leguminosae. Tincture of the dried beans.

Clinical.-Hip, pains in. Migraine. Neuralgia of face. Toothache.

Characteristics.-Tongo was proved by Nenning. Its fragrant seed is much used by perfumers. Dipterix odorata, which yields it, is a native of Cayenne. The fruit is something like that of the almond-tree. Curiously in the proving it produced "Risings with taste of bitter almonds." The chief uses of Tong. have been in migraine and neuralgic affections. The symptoms are: < By rest; when seated. > By movement. Pressure >.

Relations.-Antidoted by: Vinegar.


1. Mind.-Peevishness and ill-humour.-Dislike to labour and conversation.

2. Head.-Head confused, esp. in occiput, with drowsiness.-Heaviness of head, esp. on rising up after stooping.-Drawing headache.-Pressure, tearings, and shootings in head, esp. on coining into a room, with tearings on one side of the face and ill-humour.-Shootings in head, when laughing.-Pulsative headache, esp. on l. side.-The headaches disappear on taking vinegar.-Excessive sensibility of exterior of head.

3. Eyes.-Burning sensation and dryness of eyes, when reading in evening.-Drawing, tension, and quivering in eyelids.

4. Ears.-Tearing in ears.

5. Nose.-Coryza, with obstruction of nose.-Violent sneezing in the night.-Slight tearing in root of nose with irritation to sneeze and cough.

6. Face.-Paleness of complexion, with red cheeks.-Tearing in maxillae.-Semilateral, tearing pains in face.

7. Teeth.-Toothache, with tearing pain, esp. in molars, < by pressing upon them, dissipated by the use of vinegar.-Acid blood from teeth and gums.

8. Mouth.-Copious accumulation of water in mouth.

9. Throat.-Roughness and scraping in throat.

11. Stomach.-Risings with taste of bitter almonds.

12. Abdomen.-Burning sensation and cuttings in the hypochondria, as if externally.-Movements and pinchings in abdomen.

13. Stool.-Tenesmus.-Hard faeces, evacuated with straining.-Diarrhoea, followed by excessive sensibility of abdomen.

14. Urinary Organs.-Scanty urine, with white sediment.-Urine of colour of white wine, with much slimy sediment.-Red urine, with abundant clay-coloured sediment.

16. Female Sexual Organs.-Catamenia premature.-Leucorrhoea, when walking.-Discharge of thick mucus from vagina (when making an effort to pass a stool).

17. Respiratory Organs.-Hoarseness, with burning sensation in larynx.

18. Chest.-Shooting and burning sensation under sides of the chest.

20. Back.-Pains in loins, with excessive sensibility to the touch.

23. Lower Limbs.-Tearing in l. hip-joint 5 p.m. > rubbing.-Tearing in l. thigh and knee > pressure.-Violent stinging like the prick of a needle in fatty portion of r. great toe after dinner.

24. Generalities.-Tearing in the limbs, > by external pressure and also by movement.-The majority of the symptoms manifest themselves when seated, and during repose.-Vinegar dissipates many of the pains.