Symphoricarpus Racemosus.

Symphoricarpus racemosus. Snow-berry. N. O. Caprifoliaceae. Tincture of fresh ripe berries.

Clinical.-Pregnancy, sickness of.

Characteristics.-An account of Smpho. r. by E. V. Moffatt is quoted in New, Old, and Forgotten Remedies. S. P. Burdick gave the tincture to a lady, who said its effects were "precisely like the morning sickness" she used to have during pregnancy. On other women it produced effects varying from qualmishness to intense vomiting. Moffatt gives these as the leading indications: Qualmishness and indifference to food. Deathly nausea; vomiting continuous, violent retching. One patient was > lying on back. (No particular morning < was observed.) Moffatt gives this case: A young lady, three months advanced in her first pregnancy, had deathly nausea, with vomiting and retching so prolonged and violent as to produce haematemesis. The smell or thought of food was repugnant in the extreme. Moffatt gave Smpho. 200 (obtained from Dr. Burdick) in the middle of a violent paroxysm. In a few minutes she stopped vomiting, and said she felt soothed and quieted all over. In half an hour nausea began again, but a few pellets checked it promptly and she fell asleep. A few more doses completed the cure. A relapse following over-exertion a month later was speedily remedied by Smpho.