Strontium Bromatum.

Bromide of Strontium. SrBr2. Trituration. Solution.

Clinical.-Dyspepsia. Gravel. Legs, swollen. Phlebitis. Varicosis. Urine, offensive.

Characteristics.-Cooper gives me the following experiences with Str. bro.: (1) A woman, 40, had tenderness of limbs, and veins of legs show up and incline to inflame (chronic cellulitis), left ankle inclined to swell; vertigo, at times darkness comes over sight; appetite not good, bowels regular, menses every three weeks, cannot keep awake in evening. Great relief came from Str. bro. 3x, but after taking it for ten days, severe ardor urinae, with constant enuresis day and night, set in, which yielded to Ferr. phos. 6x., after failure with other remedies. (2) Woman, 60, had left leg and left foot swollen, hard and tender, red and pitting; right also but less in degree; indigestion with pain after food, and sickness after food for seven or eight years; is rheumatic and has had sciatica, off and on, for two years; bowels confined, sleep very restless generally. Str. bro. 3x was given, and in two weeks the legs had gone down very much and she felt altogether better, urine had become clear, but though ravenous for food had to stop eating and felt more sick, and. the bowels were more confined. After this patient got quite well without further medicine. (3) Str. bro. 30 gave great relief to a lady broken down by sorrow who could not digest food. (4) Stro. bro. 6x produced in a woman, 70, the following symptoms: Urine thick, and offensive and dark-looking, with grains of red sand.