Stannum Iodatum.

Iodide of Tin. Sn I2. Trituration.


Characteristics.-Stan. iod. has been used in preference to the metal in some phthisical cases in which the general features of Stan. were present. O. S. Haines (Clinique, vii. 11) considers it especially indicated where the patient "has a clear complexion and long eyelashes, and where the progress of the disease is rapid." He uses the 2x trituration. M. D. Youngman (H. M., Jan. 1895) finds it a deeply acting drug, chiefly of value in chronic chest diseases characterised by plastic tissue changes. It is indicated in cases that "hang fire" and need an "alterative." He gives this keynote: "A persistent inclination to cough, excited by a tickling dry spot in the throat, sometimes in one place, sometimes in another, often apparently at root of tongue." This cough, which begins as a weak-sounding cough, accompanied by shortness of breath, soon gathers strength and sound and induces raising of a free, copious, pale yellowish expectoration, which at first >, but is soon followed by a feeling of dryness, weakness in throat and chest, and increased oppression. An inveterate smoker, who had a cough of this kind, said it came from his throat, and ascribed it to his smoking. Youngman found consolidation areas in middle of right lung. There was weak feeling in chest after coughing. Stan. i. 3x trit. greatly relieved. The man was sent to a high altitude, where he enjoyed perfect health and was freed from his smoking habit.