Stachys Betonica.

Stachys betonica. Wood Betony. N. O. Labiatae. Tincture of whole fresh plant.

Clinical.-Cold, Diaphragm, paralysis of. Headache. Vertigo.

Characteristics.-Berridge published the proving of Stach. made by Croker and himself with some others. Dizziness, fulness in head and eyes with disposition to take cold were the most prominent symptoms. A feeling of oppressed breathing as from paralysis of diaphragm is a peculiar symptom. Stach. has been used in eye-waters, and as a remedy for headaches.

Relations.-Compare Lycopus and the Labiatae.


2. Head.-Dizziness > open air; < closing eyes, or moving head.-Fulness over and in eyes as if they would burst.-Dull, heavy action in frontal region > walking about in room.

3. Eyes.-Heavy, sleepy feeling in eyes.-Pain in eyeballs as if too tense; < looking at light, reading, thinking, bending head down.

4. Ears.-Slight earache.

5. Nose.-Frequent sneezing; on going indoors from open air; increased nasal mucus.

11. Stomach.-Eructations; tasting of drug.-Warmth in stomach; increasing to sharp cutting pain.-Weight in stomach with feeling of sickness.

14. Urinary Organs.-Woke with desire to urinate in night.-Urine: high-coloured; ammoniacal.

17. Respiratory Organs.-Breathing oppressed as from paralysis of diaphragm; constriction just behind ensiform cartilage, on walking up hill must keep mouth open.

24. Generalities.-Tired, esp. in legs.-Great sensitiveness to take cold.

27. Fever.-Free diaphoresis.-In night profuse sweat, limited to head, neck, avid chest.