Spigelia Marilandica.

Spigelia Marilandica. Pink-root. Worm-grass. N. O. Loganiaceae. Tincture of root.

Clinical.-Mania. Strabismus (r.).

Characteristics.-The symptoms of Spi. m. are mainly from overdosing. A state of mania was induced in a boy from large and frequent doses of a decoction of the root. Strabismus of right eye was noted in one case.


1. Mind.-Suddenly affected with complete mental derangement, exactly like that of Stram., countenance distorted, running and skipping, fits of laughing and crying, pupils greatly dilated, talk wild and incoherent, (lasted 24h.).

2. Head.-Vertigo.

3. Eyes.-Wild, staring, ludicrous expression.-Irregular movement of adductors and abductors of eyes.-Strabismus of r. eye.-Pain in and about the eyes.-Sensation of stiffness of eyelids.-Pupils dilated.

6. Face.-Much swelling of face and about eyes.-Face flushed.

8. Mouth.-Tongue pointed and tremulous.

19. Heart.-Pulse: accelerated; irregular.

24. Generalities.-On attempting to assume erect position, seized with general tremor lasting a few seconds and leaving her exhausted.

26. Sleep.-Drowsiness.

27. Fever.-Skin hot and dry.