Spiggurus Martini (Mure). Histrix subspinosum. Histrix prehensilis. Tree Porcupine. N. O. Sphingurinae. Trituration of prickles taken from one of the sides.

Clinical.-Hair falling out (head; beard). Jaw-joint, pains in. Stammering. Zygoma, pain in.

Characteristics.-The Old World porcupines have the name Histricinae, those of the New World Sphingurinae. Mure proved the 3x trituration of the prickles. The most noteworthy symptoms were-failing out of the hair, of whiskers especially; pain in the jaw-joint and right zygoma. Itching of the pubes after taking tea. Embarrassed speech. Nausea at sight of food. The symptoms are: < Lying down. < After tea. > Walking in open air. > After dinner.


1. Mind.-Capricious mood.-Everything is disagreeable to him.

2. Head.-Dizziness behind the head.-Prickings on vertex.-Darting through l. skull-bones.-Hemicrania.-Boring pain in skull after breakfast.-The hair falls off.

3. Eyes.-Lachrymation.

4. Ears.-Deafness in l. ear.-Whizzing and buzzing in ears.

6. Face.-Pain in articulation of jaw.-Pain in right zygoma.-Desquamation of whiskers.

8. Mouth.-Bleeding of gums.-Bitter mouth, with salt taste.-Embarrassed speech.

11. Stomach.-Nausea, with piercing pain in back.-Desire to vomit at sight of food.-Drowsy after dinner.-Constrictive pain in stomach.-Dry and full feeling in stomach at night.-Shootings in epigastrium.

12. Abdomen.-Sense of fulness in abdomen.-Painful swelling of abdomen before dinner.-Pain around navel.

14. Urinary Organs.-Violent pains in l. kidney.-Pain in urethra after urinating, < stooping.-Itching of pubes after taking tea.

17. Respiratory Organs.-Cough with pain in chest.

18. Chest.-Pain in intercostal muscles.-Pain in r. side as from a plug.

19. Heart.-Stitch in heart.

20. Neck.-Constriction from neck to diaphragm.

22. Upper Limbs.-Pain in r. arm, as if broken.-Pain at lower end of r. forearm.-Pain in r. arm as if extension were prevented by a string.

23. Lower Limbs.-Knees give way.-Heat and numbness of feet.-Cracks between toes.-Lancing pain in r. big toe.

24. Generalities.-Passing pains in toes, r, temple, and one canine tooth.-Weakness.-Numbness.-Symptoms < lying down; > walking in open air; > after dinner.

25. Skin.-Itching all over with bleeding after scratching.

26. Sleep.-Yawning.-Morning dream about a serpent.-Merry dreams.

27. Fever.-Shuddering.-Shuddering with chattering of teeth.