Schinus molle. N. O. Anacardiaceae. Tincture of the berries. Tincture of leaves and berries.

Clinical.-Diarrhoea. Liver, griping pain in. Å’sophagus, dryness of. Spinal cord, drawing in. Vomiting.

Characteristics.-Allen says Schinus is an evergreen shrub, native of Mexico and South America, and frequently cultivated in Southern California under the names "Pepper tree" and "Chili pepper." The symptoms were observed by Dr. P. W. Poulson on a young lady who ate a few berries after dinner, and on himself. Poulson ate leaves as well as berries, and he had heartburn, griping in liver, and "a kind of drawing sensation as in the spinal cord and cerebellum."

Relations.-Compare: Anac., Rhus, Comoc.


11. Stomach.-Long-continued vomiting, "as if all the bowels would be emptied out"; vomiting very painful, as the vomiting subsided diarrhoea came on, the diarrhoea being painless.-Heart burn, dryness of oesophagus.

12. Abdomen.-Rolling and flatulence in the bowels, and a griping sensation in the liver.

13. Stool.-Painless diarrhoea following painful vomiting.-Profuse diarrhoea continuing all night.

20. Back.-Drawing sensation as in the spinal cord and cerebellum.