Santalum album (India); and S. Freycinetianum and S. paniculatum (Sandwich Islands). Sandal Wood. N. O. Santalaceae. The oil distilled from the wood. Dilutions with alcohol.

Clinical.-Gonorrhoea. Kidney-ache.

Characteristics.-The word Santalum is of Persian origin. Sandal-wood oil is obtained from several species of Santalum, S. album being the chief. Its chief use in old-school practice is in gonorrhoea. Shirtliff (H. W., xxxi. 456) observed in a man taking the oil for gonorrhoea, soon after each dose, an acute aching pain felt in the kidney region, so severe that if he was standing he was obliged to sit, which gave some >. On this hint Shirtliff gave it in this case: An elderly man, looking worn and haggard, complained of pain in region of left kidney from ribs to crista ilii, brought on by walking, > leaning forward, completely > by lying down. > Pressing clenched fist into back. The pain had lasted six months, and was very acute when on. Sul., Berb., and Bry. gave no relief. Santal. (oil), one drop every four hours, soon gave great relief, and entirely removed the pain in two months.