Ranunculus Repens.

Ranunculus repens. Creeping Buttercup. N. O. Ranunculaceae. Tincture of whole plant.

Clinical.-Back, pulsation in. Eyes, smarting of; inflammation of. (Feet, weakness of.) Sleep, short but refreshing.

Characteristics.-Franz reports a number of symptoms experienced from preparing the juice of this plant. The symptom of phantasmagoria appears in brackets as though there were a doubt about it, and I therefore leave it so. There is quoted in Jahr an account of the effects of eating R. rep. observed in a flock of sheep. Several fell down as if struck by lightning; eyes rolled; breathing hurried. Some reeled and died with their heads bent towards left groin. Mucous membranes of eyes injected; mouth dry; abdomen slightly distended; ruminations ceased. Some raised themselves, reeled, fell down again, bleated piteously; most were in profound coma. Bleeding . Great weakness in feet remained behind. R. rep. has furrowed flower-stalks like R. bulb., but it has a spreading calyx and creeping scions.


1. Mind.-(In evening, in bed, he dreams while yet awake that he is in a large city, and sees well-dressed people, masquerades, Turks, &c.).-Profound coma (sheep).

2. Head.-Evening in bed, crawling sensation on forehead and region of hair, > sitting up.

3. Eyes.-Smarting in eyes; profuse lachrymation.-Eyes rolled; conjunctiva injected (sheep).

8. Mouth.-Mouth dry (sheep).

12. Abdomen.-Abdomen sligthly distended (sheep).-Reeled and died with heads bent towards l. groin (sheep).

20. Back.-Evening in bed, beating like full, strong pulsation in sacral region.

23. Lower Limbs.-Great weakness of feet remained behind (sheep).

24. Generalities.-Fell as if struck by lightning (sheep).-Died with heads bent towards l. groin (sheep).-Raised themselves, reeled, fell again, bleated piteously (sheep).

26. Sleep.-Wide awake and feeling extremely well in morning, though he slept only a few hours.