Ranunculus Glacialis.

R. glacialis. Carlina or Cacline (mountaineers of Viq). N. O. Ranunculaceae. Tincture of whole plant.

Clinical.-Apoplexy. Cerebellum, pain in. Dyspnoea. Headache. Night-sweat. Thighs, sweat on.

Characteristics.-Dr. Coddé, of Spoleto, proved the Ø tincture, and 3rd and 9th dilutions of this plant. It produced an enormous weight in the head with vertigo and feeling as if apoplexy were impending, > by Coffee; a right-sided early morning headache > by rising; dyspnoea < lying down, and compression of chest; intolerance of weight of coverlet (the < by touch and pressure of R. bulb.); coldness of thighs; general copious night-sweat, especially abundant on thighs.


2. Head.-Towards 9.30 a.m., when walking in open air, enormous weight in head, vertigo; as if seized with incipient apoplexy; > café au lait.-Behind head in region of cerebellum, sense of tension.-Just before daybreak, headache, < r. side, ceased on getting up.

17. Respiratory Organs.-When lying in bed breathing became difficult.

18. Chest.-On turning in bed, internal pain in infero-posterior chest.-Compression in whole chest, evening.-A little before midnight could not endure coverlet on chest.-Stitches r. chest.

26. Sleep.-Sleeplessness at night.-Broken sleep.

27. Fever.-Coldness, even on thighs.-General and copious nocturnal sweat, < on thighs.-At daybreak, slight general sweat.