Aspidosperma quebracho. White Quebracho. N. O. Apocynaceae. Tincture and trituration of the bark. Trituration and solutions of the alkaloid Aspidospermine and its salts.

Clinical.-Asthma, Cardiac asthma. Fever.

Characteristics.-Quebracho is a Brazilian fever remedy from which the alkaloid Astidospermine has been isolated. This is in small, very brilliant, white crystals, sparingly soluble in water, readily soluble in alcohol and ether. Hale says Queb. produces in animals respiratory paralysis, slowed heart, and paralysis of extremities. It relieves dyspnoea in phthisis and pleurisy, but without influencing the fever. The 1x relieved asthma with livid face; and dyspnoea with cyanosis is frequently relieved by it. Hale gives these cases as relieved by it: (1) Mitral incompetence and stenosis with severe nocturnal dyspnoea. (2) Fatty heart (Queb. had no influence on the oedema, which was removed by Dig.). Jos. P. Cobb (quoted A. H., xxvii. 74) records a case of heart affection of some duration in a man, 24. There was some enlargement, especially of right side, much dyspnoea, and a slight mitral murmur. Following this were signs of emphysema and severe attacks of asthma. Râles were heard, and "pearls" of rounded gelatinous masses were expectorated. Aspidospermine 3x gave more relief than any other remedy.