Primula Veris.

Cowslip. N. O. Primulaceae. Tincture of entire fresh plant.

Clinical.-Apoplexy, threatened. Eczema. Fevers. Migraine. Neuralgia. Vertigo. Voice, affections of.

Characteristics.-The flowers of Prim. veris are said to be narcotic (Treas. of Bot.). "Cowslip wine" is a favourite remedy in the country for many small disorders. Cooper cured with P. ver. Ø a case of eczema of the hands after P. obc. had failed. He also cured with it eczema palmaris of years' duration in a man aet. 70. Schier, of Mentz (Univ. Hom. Ann., p. 99), proved a tincture of fresh plant including root. The duration of action is only a few days in healthy persons. The conditions in which Schier commends it, and which are borne out by the symptoms, are: Threatened apoplexy, arising apart from psychic depression; as an external application when there is no skin lesion, "as this remedy has a certain relation with the skin. Prudence is necessary here, especially for persons with sensitive and easily vulnerable skin." The symptoms are < by bent position; stooping; movement; in room; in closed carriage; travelling by rail. < In open air.

Relations.-Compare: P. obc., P. vulg., Cycl., Anag.


1. Mind.-Happy disposition.-Stubbornness.-Heat with anxiety.

2. Head.-Vertigo; whirling; sensation of falling backward; as if brain moved, wanted to get out of skull; as of heavy weight on head.-Fear of falling on standing up.-Fulness and heaviness of head.-Head hot with rush of blood to head; red spots on cheeks.-Hammer-like, boring, beating, sometimes dull headache, in both temples, occiput, and above forehead, < r. temple in morning; > by pressure; < stooping, movement travelling by rail; > in open air; < indoors.-Sensation as if band across forehead and occiput; cannot keep hat on.-Tension of skin of forehead.-Burning itching of scalp, in r. temporal region and occiput.

3. Eyes.-Flies flying before eyes, violent vertigo as if everything revolving.-Burning and pricking pains in orbital cavities.-Sensitive to light; > in darkness.

4. Ears.-Buzzing and ringing in l. ear.

5. Nose.-Pressure at root of nose < r. side.

6. Face.-Face hot; pale.

8. Mouth.-Tongue clear but imprinted with teeth, papillae of edges very red.-Salivation.-Dull sensation in r. half of tongue and digestive tract.

9. Throat.-Burning pains r. side of throat.-Pricking when breathing in r. side of thyroid body.

11. Stomach.-Tendency to vomiting.-Sensation of emptiness and burning at orifice of stomach and in duodenum.

12. Abdomen.-Rumbling in bowels.

13. Stool and Anus.-Painless liquid stools; with malaise < by pressure on head.-During stool: fever, goose-flesh.-After stool: tenesmus.

14. Urinary Organs.-Turbid earth-coloured urine smelling of violets or of strong urine.-Tenesmus, painful irritation of ureter.

17. Respiratory Organs.-Dull sensation r. side of larynx, pharynx, tongue, and digestive tract.-Cough with burning and pricking in respiratory tracts.-Voice remarkably fine, clear, and strong, the high notes easily given out.-Sensation as if r. half of larynx stopped up.

19. Heart.-Palpitation with feeling of weakness.

20. Neck and Back.-Stiffness r. side of neck.-Short, intense pain beside insertion of r. sterno-mastoid muscle.

21. Limbs.-Weight and lassitude of limbs, esp. shoulders.-Twitching in throat going to forearm, and in great toe going to calf.

22. Upper Limbs.-Burning in r. axillary joint preventing movement of r. arm > in bed, lying on painful part.-Pricking in fourth and fifth finger of both hands.-Itching in palms.-Burning in hollow of r. hand, in arm, esp. in l. side.

23. Lower Limbs.-Tearing in l. leg and thigh.-Sensation as if l. leg was swollen with tearing and drawing.-Itching in l. little toe.

24. Generalities.-Beating, tearing, burning, and drawing sensations.-Trembling of hands and feet.-Malaise of head > in open air. < In bent position; by movement; in a room; riding in closed carriage.-Weight and lassitude of limbs.

25. Skin.-Sensitive, easily vulnerable skin.-Itching.

26. Sleep.-Sleeps well with pleasant dreams.

27. Fever.-Febrile excitement.-Intense heat with anxiety as if fearing a stroke of apoplexy.-Wants to get cool.-Sweat on forehead, feet and hands cold.-Head hot with red spots on cheeks.-Feet and hands sweat, rest of body cold.