Platinum Muriaticum Natronatum.

Chloroplatinate of Sodium. PtCl42NaCl. Solution.

Clinical.-Flatulence. Polyuria. Salivation.

Characteristics.-Hofer experimented with Plat. m. n. on the same man who took Plat. mur. The chief additional symptom was decided by increased secretion of urine and saliva.


2. Head.-Slight headache.

8. Mouth.-Decided increase in saliva.

11. Stomach.-Feeling of warmth and heaviness in stomach.-Eructation of gas.-Nausea and inclination to vomit.

12. Abdomen.-Rumbling in abdomen.-Transient colic.

13. Stool.-Emission of flatus.

14. Urinary Organs.-Decidedly increased secretion of urine.