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Platanus acerifolia ("the tree commonly grown in and about London as P. occidentalis."--Treas. of Bot.). N. O. Platanaceae (of the Urtical alliance). Tincture of young shoots.

Clinical.-Cataract. Ichthyosis.

Characteristics.-Burnett has recorded (Dis. of Skin) a case of ichthyosis in an aged lady, in which Platanus caused considerable improvement in the condition of the skin. Another case (Delicate Children) was that of a girl, 5 1/2, "of the coal-black variety of the strumous, her forehead low and projecting," who was blind from double cataract due to the shock of a fall in the first instance, the lenses having gradually silted up. In this case Platanus Ø was given (five drops night and morning) for a number of months, "with very evident improvement in the nutrition of the child's lenses." [Burnett names the remedy Plat occ.; but his tincture was made from the London tree, which is Plat. acer. It sheds its bark annually, which was the signature of its skin action.]