Pinus Lambertiana.

Sugar Pine. (North America.) N. O. Coniferae. Trituration of inspissated sap.

Clinical.-Abortion. Amenorrhoea. Constipation.

Characteristics.-The inspissated sap of P. Lamb. makes a sugary substance like manna. A small quantity (from a bit the size of a pea to a teaspoonful) has a decided but gentle laxative action, and in larger quantities emphatically so. It has also an action on the menstrual function, restoring menses when suppressed; and producing abortion in pregnant women.

Relations.-Compare: Sabina, Junip., Pin. syl., and other coniferae.


13. Stools.-Gentle cathartic action.

16. Female Sexual Organs.-Used by Indian women to procure abortion.-In suppressed menses restores the flow and removes painful sensations resulting from suppression.