Eugenia pimenta. Myrtus pimenta. Pimenta officinalis. Allspice. Jamaica Pepper. [Pimento, or Allspice, consists of the dried berries of the West Indian Eugenia pimenta and E. acris.] N. O. Myrtaceae. Tincture of the fruit.

Clinical.-Chill. Neuralgia.

Characteristics.-"Allspice" is so named because its odour is said to resemble a combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. A tincture was proved by Becket and developed one-sided neuralgias and disturbed sensations of heat and cold.

Relations.-Compare: Eucalyp., Eug.


2. Head.-Semi-lateral neuralgic lesions.

11. Stomach.-Very imperious desire to eat.

24. Generalities.-Semi-lateral neuralgic lesions, esp. of head.

27. Fever.-Disturbance in calorification and sensibility; parts of body burning hot, others cold.-Peculiar cold sensation as if sponge filled with cold water passed here and there over the surface, succeeded by sensation of heat, as in the reaction after a cold bath.