Phosphorus Muriaticus.

Phosphorus pentachloride. PCl5. Solution.

Clinical.-Asthma. Coryza. Ophthalmia.

Characteristics.-J. Meredith (H. W., xxxiii. 127) has recorded the effects observed on a science student from grinding up this salt and inhaling the fumes. Eye-soreness, coryza, sore throat and chest with difficult breathing, were the main symptoms. They lasted fourteen days from the exposure; and were cured by Bell. 3x internally and a one per cent. Iodine lotion locally as a compress at night.


3. Eyes.-Great soreness of mucous membranes of eyes and nose, with copious intermittent runnings; lasts all night.-Shades eyes from light reflected from tablecloth at dinner.-Whites of eyes congested.

5. Nose.-Irritation and copious intermittent running.-The intolerable smell of the fumes cannot be forgotten at night, and sleep is impossible.

9. Throat.-Throat and chest sore.

17. Respiratory Organs.-In morning breathing difficult; lungs wheezy; chest and throat sore.

26. Sleep.-Symptoms kept him awake all night.