Phallus Impudicus.

Stinkhorn. N. O. Fungi. Tincture or infusion of whole fungus.

Clinical.-Gastro-enteralgia. Sweat, viscid. Vertigo. Vomiting.

Characteristics.-Kalieniczensko took live or six teaspoonfuls of an infusion of Phallus in twenty-four hours, and the symptoms of the Schema are the effects observed. There is a general resemblance to the effect of the Agarici-vertigo, disordered vision, gastro-enteric disturbance and viscid sweat.


2. Head.-Vertigo.

3. Eyes.-Vision: difficult; obscured.-Objects seem coloured grey, as in smoke.

8. Mouth.-Profuse salivation.

9. Throat.-Great dryness of throat, with irritation as from black pepper.

11. Stomach.-Loss of appetite.-Devouring thirst.-Violent vomitings with profuse salivation.-Gastro-enteralgia.

12. Abdomen.-Painful sensitiveness of whole abdomen.

13. Stool.-Watery diarrhoea.

14. Urinary Organs.-Urine deep red, depositing a sediment of urates of lime and soda.

17. Respiratory Organs.-Dry, oppressive cough.

24. Generalities.-Great feebleness of whole body.

26. Sleep.-Sleepiness.

27. Fever.-After four days all the pores became opened, profuse viscid perspiration.