Pastinaca sativa. Parsnip. N. O. Umbelliferae. Tincture of roots of second year.

Clinical.-Delirium tremens. Loquacity. Milk, intolerance of.

Characteristics.-The root of the Parsnip, after the first year, is very poisonous, and some cases of poisoning have been observed, the symptoms of which make up the Schema. A state of perfect "delirium tremens" was observed in several persons, illusions of vision, catching at imaginary objects; fighting with one another. A peculiar effect was produced on the stomach; the irritability was depressed and emetics would not act.

Relations.-Compare: Æthus, Ziz.


1. Mind.-Delirium tremens.-Quiet delirium, illusions of vision, grasped at imaginary objects; incoherent speech; uninterrupted attempts to get out of bed.-Incessant talking.-Fighting.-Fits of convulsive laughter.

2. Head.-Vertigo and general uneasiness.-Sense of weight in head.

6. Face.-Look: staring; vague.-Face pale.

8. Mouth.-Tongue clean, moist, trembling.

11. Stomach.-Vomiting of milk in large curds (child, aet. 2, poisoned).-Irritability of gastric nerves depressed; emetics in double the usual doses have no effect.

17. Respiratory Organs.-Breathing somewhat difficult and slow.

19. Heart.-Suppressed beating of heart; pulse small, weak, slow.

24. Generalities.-In constant motion.

25. Skin.-Skin, red, hot, swollen; eyelids oedematous, translucent.-Blebs on hands and fingers (child, aet. 2, ate and handled wild parsnip).