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Oxydendron arboreum. Sorrel-tree. Sour-wood. Elk-tree. (Rich woods of the Alleghenies.) N. O. Ericaceae (tribe Andromedeae). Tincture of leaves.


Characteristics.-Oxydend. arbor. is the only species of its genus. It is an unproved remedy, and there is only one observation with it that I know of. M. E. Douglass (quoted H. W., xxxii. 547, from S. J. of H.) treated Mrs. H. for general dropsy-ascites and anasarca-which dated from an attack of measles treated with ice-drinks and ice-applications seven months before. When Douglass saw her the urine was nearly suppressed, but contained very little albumen. Menses suppressed. Great difficulty of breathing even when sitting, lying down impossible. Had to sit in one chair with feet in another. After the failure of Apocy. and several carefully chosen medicines, the legs having burst in several places, Douglass was about to tap the abdomen, but before doing so put Oxydend. Ø one drachm in a tumbler of water and gave three teaspoonfuls every three hours. In forty-eight hours the breathing was better and urine increased. Oxd. was continued (with the exception of three days during which Rhus was given to combat erysipelas which had set in on left leg), and on the tenth day the patient lay down on the bed and slept three hours. Appetite increased, and in two months she was quite free from dropsy and felt perfectly well though much emaciated.