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Ononis arvensis. Rest-harrow. Cammock, N. O. Leguminosae. Tincture of fresh plant.

Clinical.-Epilepsy. Epistaxis. Headache.

Characteristics.-Ononis arv. is indigenous to Britain, growing on barren pastures and on the borders of ill-cultivated fields. It owes its name, "Rest-harrow," to its tough underground roots, which cause stoppages to harrow and plough. In some parts it is called "Cammock," and the country people, having the idea that it communicates its nauseous, goatlike odour to cheese made from the milk of cows who have eaten it, call the cheese so tainted "cammocky" (Treas. of Bot.). Cooper records (H. W., xxxv. 538) the case of a brickfield labourer, 45, who at 13 was prostrated for a week, apparently with sunstroke; "something seemed to catch the back of his head." At 25, had attacks similar to present. In March, 1900, began to have daily attacks. An aura seems to spread over the head from the occiput; he makes frightful grimaces, but does not scream out; becomes unconscious, turns deathlike and blue in face, and falls down. After the attacks has violent headache, giddiness, and wakeful nights. Onon. Ø in single doses at rare intervals produced improvement at once and cured in nine months. A symptom apparently induced by Onon. was this: Nose-bleed three or four times in one day, < when washing his face." After that he was better. Hansen gives "chronic nephritis" as having been cured by Ononis spinosa.