Natrum Lacticum.

Sodium lactate. Na.C3H5O3, Solution.

Clinical.-Gout. Gouty concretions. Rheumatism.

Characteristics.-Allen has collected a few observations on the effects of large doses, which I have schematised below. Skinner has removed with it, in potencies, gouty or rheumatic concretions ("chalk stones") in fingers.

Relations.-Compare: The Lacs, Lact. ac. In "chalk stones," Lyc., Calc.


11. Stomach.-Unusual hunger and thirst.-Vomiting (from very large doses).

23. Lower Limbs.-Great weakness of lower limbs, analogous to anxietas tibiarum after great physical exertion.

24. Generalities.-Rheumatoid pains.-Abnormal sense of fatigue, yawning and sleepiness.

26. Sleep.-Sleep more prolonged and sounder.-Yawning and sleepiness.